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  • 1.  TMF654 certification

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 15, 2021 09:59
    With respect to TMF654 Prepay Balance Management API, in order to pass the TMForum API certification,
    do we have to implement all the APIs in the API specfication?
    As there are many different types of GET API in TM654, can we selectively support the API which are related to business use case
    and yet able to pass the TMForum certification?
    For example,
    1) if we don't use use case for ReserveBalance, can we don't implement the APIs for ReserveBalance?
    As we don't have use case for API 2b, can we implement API 2a alone and able to pass the certification?
    a) GET /bucket/{id}?fields=...&{filtering}
    b) GET /bucket?fields=...&{filtering}

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks


    John Chia
    SingTel Optus

  • 2.  RE: TMF654 certification

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 16, 2021 02:57

    Hi John
    I advise you to look at the Conformance Profile document for the API. This tells you what is considered mandatory. And indeed, in recently published APIs, the conformance profile document and the test kit itself are generated from the same source, so they should be consistent with each other (barring accidents/problems) .
    Note that the CTK gives a binary result, either pass (every single test in the kit passed) or fail (one or more tests failed). So, if reserveBalance task is considered mandatory by the API designer you will have to implement it in order to pass conformance.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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