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TMF651 Agreement Management patterns

  • 1.  TMF651 Agreement Management patterns

    Posted Nov 24, 2021 02:13

    Hello, community, 

    I'm doing research on TMF651 Agreement Management patterns, business use-cases, and flows. 

    There are sample use cases in TMF651 R19 referred exclusively to TMF668 Partnership Management  

    I have two questions: 

    1) I wonder if there are different generic use-cases for B2C and B2B Contract Management were considered.

    2) I wonder whether there is a topic or confluence page, where I can see the use-cases considered, and what patterns TMF651 authors have in mind. 

    So far I was able to find a reference in TMF651 R16 to "Open Digital Business Scenarios and Use Cases". I thinks it's referring to this one: 

    Open Digital API Business Guide

    But I don't see it's helpful in regard to TMF651. 

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, hints, or examples you can point me to. 

    Thank you, friends! 


    Oracle Corporation