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IT systems for sub brands

  • 1.  IT systems for sub brands

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 26, 2019 08:53

    I am researching for a report for INFORM and I wonder if the knowledgable people of this community can help me.

    Lot's of mobile operators have created sub-brands: Verizon's Visible, Telefonica's GiggGaff, Orange's Sosh to name just a few. I am interested in how they have set up their OSS and BSS systems. Some I know have the different brands running as separate Tenants on a single OSS/BSS stack. Others have set up completely separate systems, STC gave a presentation on how they had done this for Jawwy at a previous DTW Middle East event.

    I wonder if anybody has any knowledge they can share of examples so we can gauge what the most common approach is?

    Of course, what get's really interesting is when the system set up for the new sub-brand proves to be so good that it ends up being used to replace the original OSS/BSS stack.


    Barry Graham - Senior Associate
    TM Forum

  • 2.  RE: IT systems for sub brands

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 01, 2019 20:41
    Hi Barry,

    Sounds like a really intriguing report that you're working towards.

    This article shares some of the thoughts I have on the subject:

    Perhaps a similar thread to investigate is for really large managed services contracts (eg with banks). Do carriers set up stand-alone OSS/BSS/ITSM stacks, just make them tenancies on the carrier's existing stack or a combination of both?

    Ryan Jeffery
    Passionate About OSS