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  • 1.  Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 10, 2021 00:00
    Dear team,

    We are working on the Fraud Detection Solution and looking for the relevant TMF Open API specification.
    Could you please guide us if we have any Open API that would fit for Fraud Detection scenarios

    Vodafone New Zealand

    Kiran Sripathi
    Vodafone New Zealand Limited

  • 2.  RE: Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 10, 2021 02:14
    Hi Kiran

    You could start with the Risk Management API TMF696 (assets available on the early access page here). This exposes the ability to assess the risk of entering into agreement or providing a specific product to a customer.

    I'm not an expert on fraud detection, but my impression is that it takes place in some background processing system (such as Amdocs' RevenueGuard or similar offerings from other vendors), and this raises alerts to front-end components that take action (perhaps immediate action such as suspending network product, or simply notification to CSR or to end customer).

    I think that what you need to do is to create use case flows and sequence diagrams describing this for your specific business, and the interactions between the actors in your sequence diagrams can represent API operation calls or events. For example, calling POST of a ProductOrder (TMF622) to suspend a product. Or POST of a communication (TMF681) to warn the customer.

    Perhaps @Gadi Solotorevsky (Amdocs revenue assurance lead and TMF distinguished fellow) can add his perspective.
    Hope it helps.​

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 11, 2021 03:53
    Hi Kiran,

    It actually depends on your fraud detection technique. In my experience of fraud management, two sets of data are critical. One the subscriber profile second their usage. If you have a full fledged system for FM you are probably looking at quite a few APIs. Starting from TMP629 , 666 etc. Unless of course you are planning to take the data directly from a CRM DB into your FM system. Similarly for usage, you can either hook onto the Ro interface or depend on offline CDRs.

    I think you need to devise your strategy first, narrow down what data are you interested in and why? Whether you need the info in real time or offline etc. Then it will be easier to figure out what APIs do you need.


    Ashutosh Tripathy
    BT Group plc