TM Forum ONAP User Group

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This community is to provide a forum where any topic that is an interest to both the ONAP and TM Forum communities can be openly discussed, such as

  • TM Forum assets that can be used within ONAP
  • Enhancement of TM Forum assets to support ONAP scenarios
  • Joint development between TM Forum and ONAP communities

The objective is through these discussions that we can identify deliverables within the TM Forum work streams to accelerate industry adoption, as well as  member contributions to the ONAP.  As  it is very important when working with Open Source group such as ONAP that there is someone willing to actually do the work/code in the ONAP project. Hopefully this community will allow TM Forum members to coordinate activities and assure the proper resourcing is in place.​


NOTE: This is an Open Community - there is NO expectation of privacy and NO IPR should be posted.