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Openly discuss and engage with other like-minded individuals to explore all aspects of IoE:
  • discuss the details of the roadmap of challenges that resonate with you & your business
  • explore solutions from the roadmap of options, build ideas and collect use cases
  • connect with leaders and partners in your field
This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on IoE. To find out more click here

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  • What is Sensitivity Analysis ? Financial risk modeling takes sensitivity analysis to the next level and helps in assessing the probability and potential impact of unfavorable outcomes. Based on the assessments, various decisions with respect to ...

  • Hi Folks, I am Mujoko, working as a product architect for PCC solutions Openet. I have interest on IoT. If anyone from this group travel to KL, we can meetup somewhere :) Cheers /mujoko ------------------------------ Mujoko Mujoko Openet -------- ...

  • We are the best and Unique producer of HIGH QUALITY Undetectable counterfeit Bank Notes. With over a billion of our high quality counterfeit money for sale circulating around the world. Authenticssdsolution offer only original high-quality counterfeit ...

  • Fun thread, thanks Brian! I'd quite like to have a small device I could plant into my orchid pots and that would tell me exactly what they need and when, as mine keep dying to my great dismay! I guess it would need to measure moisture, nutrients and ...

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  • Hello Everyone! Myself Nivesh Bansal. I have  8years of Telecom experience. I worked with Indian Telecom Operator for Online Charging & Policy control profile.  Now working in PreSale Solution Consultant for Telcom Vendor ZTEsoft Technology.  Our products ...


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