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Openly discuss and engage with other like-minded individuals to explore all aspects of IoE:
  • discuss the details of the roadmap of challenges that resonate with you & your business
  • explore solutions from the roadmap of options, build ideas and collect use cases
  • connect with leaders and partners in your field
This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on IoE. To find out more click here

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  • Great case study from Ericsson and BT here . They partnered to analyze the economic benefits of network slicing on the Internet of Things (IoT) and found it can help with: - 40 percent reduction in operating expense (OPEX) - 35 percent increase ...

  • This is great to know. Can you give some more details, like what kind of AI / ML algorithm they are using, what are the typical inputs and output etc ------------------------------ Anirban Konar Cognizant Technology Solutions ------------------------------

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    Expert insight

    Our Internet of Everything InFocus event last month was a great success. If you're interested, some of our speakers wrote some great articles beforehand (see below). Do any of these resonate with you? I'll post some articles shortly that came out some ...

  • I'm Esteban Zuttion, System Engineer. I've been working on software and system project for 20 years. I'm working now in a very big program in TELECOM Argentina, implementing CBS-Billing (Huawei) and CRM (Vlocity-Salesforce). I work for IBM. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi I am Timothy Maduro, Consultant at Cyient. I have been working in Telecommunication & IT for over 30 years implementing innovative stuff. Now touching IoT I am eager to discuss the principles that apply introducing this game changing concept. Core ...


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