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About this Community:

Use this community as your go-to resource to discuss anything and everything relating to TM Forum Open APIs:

  • learn how to implement them
  • post ideas and requirement for new types of APIs
  • share how you are using APIs
  • discuss domain specific applications

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on Open APIs. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • The naïve REST paradigm does not support creation of multiple entities using a POST operation. The design guidelines for v5, not published yet, will suggest the ability to create multiple entities using PATCH at the collection level, with JSON Patch ...

  • The communication API is strictly intended for managing the mechanism for sending information from the service provider to relevant parties (such as customers). The API is indifferent to the content of the information that is sent, and is certainly not ...

  • Hi Myagaa You raise a valid question, and I don't have a good answer. To make it concrete, how is a UI/engagement management/validation component supposed to "know" that for a wireline product an installation address is mandatory while for a wireless ...

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  • Hi This is clearly a mistake in the published asset. According to the diagram cardinality, each embedded order item must itself embed an order item, and so on infinitely. I plan to open a JIRA to call out this issue. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Bryn The TMF Open APIs are just that, APIs. The published assets describe the contract between the provider/exposer of the API and the consumer. There are no "components" in the APIs, and no real implementation. Perhaps you are referring to gaining ...