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About this Community:

Use this community as your go-to resource to discuss anything and everything relating to TM Forum Open APIs:

  • learn how to implement them
  • post ideas and requirement for new types of APIs
  • share how you are using APIs
  • discuss domain specific applications

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on Open APIs. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • If "Service Orchestrator" were an ODA Component your question could be answered authoritatively, however it is not, although it has been proposed. Your question becomes one of whether to model and manage entities of the Service or Resource domains. ...

  • Thank you for the info. I'm not joining DTW event next week, may be we catch up later. ------------------------------ Wan Ahmad Rahimi Nik TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd ------------------------------

  • Thank you for your feedback ------------------------------ Wan Ahmad Rahimi Nik TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd ------------------------------

  • I understand now, "TMF628 Performance Management API REST Specification R14.5.1" is totaly deprecated, if you have/can access to TMForum github space you could access the brand new documentation there. ------------------------------ Gervais-Martial ...

  • For one project we need to be able provide the consumer the reason (code, description) back for a product order item state change. This is not really an error but I see that 'errorMessage' is used for explaining the reason. I see that in the v5 service ...