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About this Community:

Use this community as your go-to resource to discuss anything and everything relating to TM Forum Open APIs:

  • learn how to implement them
  • post ideas and requirement for new types of APIs
  • share how you are using APIs
  • discuss domain specific applications

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on Open APIs. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • If we consider above example, there are three product offerings selected in CPQ session , then which policy reference will work ? Product Offering A (refers a policy id ?) Product Offering B (refers a policy id ?) Product Offering C (refers a ...

  • Hi Subhanshu In version 5 of TMF620 Product Catalog Management API, we have introduced references to the new Policy API. Using the Policy API would allow you to model and author rules such as the one you state, in the Event/Condition/Action paradigm, ...

  • Matthieu's approach is certainly one way of doing things. Just bear in mind that having multiple systems for storing catalog data can complicate the work process for catalog authoring. Another approach would indeed be to allow storage of multi-lingual ...

  • I was reviewing the Dynamic Deal outlined in IG1261 and would like more information to facilitate its implementation. The document provides details through a table as specified. In the CPQ session mentioned earlier, there is a price ...

  • I got it. Thanks Matthieu. ------------------------------ Myagaa Nm MOBICOM CORPORATION LLC ------------------------------