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  • 1.  Age band for an Individual in TMF632

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 09, 2024 05:42

    Hi all, we have an upcoming requirement to be able to store an age band for minors. It's important that the DoB is not stored but rather an age band. This is a regulated requirement to protect children.

    I guess others have encountered this requirement? Is there a plan to add this attribute to TMF632?

    Many thanks, Jeff

    Jeff Barker
    BT Group plc

  • 2.  RE: Age band for an Individual in TMF632

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 09, 2024 18:50

    Hi Jeff

    You can of course add this as an extension. And of course the date of birth field in the Individual model is optional, no need to populate it.

    There needs to be reasonable amount of demand, and a way to express the age band in the same way across multiple jurisdictions, so that we could consider adding to the core standard model.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: Age band for an Individual in TMF632

    Posted Jan 10, 2024 02:02
    Edited by Julian Hodges Jan 10, 2024 02:03

    Interesting question as it makes me think about where and when the age band should actually be stored / set and that has implications for its broader management. This is because it is intrinsically dynamic (you don't stay under 18 forever). Does it therefore make more sense to store it against a party role - the party was in this band when the related entity was associated to it - or somewhere else? If against the party itself then do you need also to think about the process(es) for updating (when, how, will the customer experience of that be high quality, will it be cost-efficient for the operator, is it likely to incur  lost revenue if not very timely and efficient)?

    I think the answers will depend a lot upon your use cases. I am just thinking out loud on some of the aspects that occur to me - apologies if this is a derail from the API itself.

    Julian Hodges