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APIs for pre-order stock management of products and resources

  • 1.  APIs for pre-order stock management of products and resources

    Posted Aug 04, 2022 15:19
    Hi everybody!
    We are starting to implement open apis for stock management during ordering and delivery process (check availability, reserve, use).
    I guess I´m pretty sure about the difference between TMF687 stock management (for commercial products) and TMF685 resource pool managment (for logical & physical resources)
    I guess (and I hope...) I'm quite sure that we have to implement both apis, because the product that the customer is buying could have a combination of products and resources:
    - A device (product) with a mobile plan & line number (resource)
    - A VoLTE service, with a simcard (resource) and a modem (resource)

    But I'm a bit confused about resource management, because I have read some threads about drastic changes on TMF685, but no news about it... So:
    Should I use TMF685 as is?
    Should I use TMF685 resources (/reservation, /resource pool) but apply them to resourceCollection object (there is a thread about this...)?
    Should I use TMF687 as the basis of a new api similar to TMF685, but based on resource object instead of product object?
    Is there any news about tmf685 evolution?

    Thanks in advance,

    Eduardo Lo Presti
    Telecom Argentina, S.A.