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  • 1.  Business Capability missing from ODA

    Posted Oct 03, 2023 09:05
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    Hi All,

    I am trying to reuse the Business Capability Model from the TM Forum. I am using this link here as my starting point (version 23):

    MODA (

    Essentially there is no Business Capability model in this link. There is however a Process Framework, Functional Framework, Information Framework and Application Framework (AKA TAM, AKA Application Map).

    The landing page suggests a Business Capability model is present (there is a graphic and a link), but this leads nowhere.

    I am managing to reuse the model through the Functional and Process items. The former certainly seems to be aligned with what I would term Business Capabilities. 

    If anyone could shed any light on what the authors intent is to omit the Business Capability section this it would be appreciated.



    Ben Preston
    Mosaic Island Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Business Capability missing from ODA

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 09, 2023 07:13

    Hi Ben

    Thank you for your note.

    MODA is a formal modelling mechanism for the TM Forum's most formal, mature and stable assets.  It is the successor to the RSA implementation of the SID, the CaseWise implementation of the eTOM, and is based upon Sparx Enterprise Architect.  It is the means to an end, rather than the end in itself.

    The diagram you are looking at is the complete ODA, and its many parts can be found both within the tool, and also in the more prose-oriented IG and GB documents sourced within our collaboration tool, Confluence.  We have an intention to formalize more and more of the ODA to the extent where it can be usefully represented and managed in the Sparx tool, but this is not necessarily where any one model is at the moment.

    The first production publications from the tool were approved in the middle of this year, 2023, so things are going well, but we have a considerable path yet to tread.

    But you have raised an interesting communication challenge in that as you attempted to navigate this via this particular tool, you were unable to distinguish between content present in MODA, and the content to be found outside the tool.

    The Business capability content can be found here: Business Capability Repository - TM Forum.

    The wider Business Architecture here:  Business Architecture - TM Forum

    If you are interested in observing or otherwise assisting in the definition of Business Architecture, perhaps consider joining this project: Business Architecture Project Home - Business Architecture - TM Forum Confluence

    I hope this response allows you to find the support and content you seek.


    Hugo Vaughan
    TM Forum

  • 3.  RE: Business Capability missing from ODA

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 30, 2023 15:18

    Good afternoon. I'm also interested in this topic and have a follow-up question:
    Is there a spreadsheet/repo that links Functional Framework to the Business Capability? I've downloaded the Business Capability Repository spreadsheet and found some of the capabilities - is it possible to map these against the Functional Framework? If so and if this has not been done yet, what's the best way to go about it so we don't stray too much from the intended results?



    Oliver Ignacio
    AT&T Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Business Capability missing from ODA

    Posted Dec 01, 2023 08:04


    Yes. This is being done for certain topics. For example, in Zero Touch Partnering the Business capabilities, SID entities, ODA functions and the APIs are being mapped based on use cases. But this is work in progress and can be found in GB1027C.


    Sri-Jagadish (Jag) Baddukonda
    Bell Canada