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  • 1.  Cancel order when some lines are failed

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 17, 2023 09:10

    The 622 or 641 state diagram shows the order state of failed as being a final state. Does the same apply for line items?

    I'm curious about the line item states and how that applies during a cancel. If one line item fails but the others are in progress (therefore order state still in progress), what should happen to a cancelOrder request? I'd like to be able to cancel the order due to the failure but it's not clear to me if and how the line item state impacts this scenario.

    Lynn Dueck
    Oracle Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Cancel order when some lines are failed

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 18, 2023 04:58
    Hi Lynn,
    Yes, the order items follow the same state diagram as the main order. I recommend you take a look at the IG1228 document, especially at the use case 8, on which you will find a detailed description of a scenario where different orders and order items progress to provision several products. You can find the last published version here:
    In the same document, there is another interesting use case that can help you to understand how product, service, and resource orders behave in situations where something fails. This is the use case 11:
    In the scenario you are asking for, I think that there are several strategies that can be followed, depending on your business needs. I can think of two options:
    • If there is a strong relationship between the two items (commercial or technical), having one of them failed and the other in progress, if you receive a cancelOrder probably you would want to cancel the one that is in progress and rollback the completed one before canceling the whole order.
    • If there is no such strong relationship and you can live with only one of them, perhaps you would want to let the running one to complete, ending up the main order as Partial.
    Well, this is a complex matter and there is no single answer. I hope it helps you to understand better how it works. 

    Abel Ruiz Huerta
    alvatross by SATEC