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Exact use cases of "headerquery" and "contentquerty" in tmf 688

  • 1.  Exact use cases of "headerquery" and "contentquerty" in tmf 688

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Aug 17, 2023 05:36

    We are using TMF 688 in one of our event stereaming features.

    Our basic question is about assumptions made while drafting TMF 688.As we intend to ship something general , so we want to build the skelton which could be very genearl in it's structure and used by any pub sub engine like Google pub/sub , Amazon Kinesis by our customers.

      1. In "Create topic" api, are we expecting Producer to specifiy the "headerquery" and "contentquery" while creating topic itself.As we could not find the corrosponding fields in either of enterprise level message bus, we are are thinking it is the Producer who is pre-deciding that for this 'topic' it is producing messages filtered by this headerequery and contentquery.To re-clarify that, is the Producer saying that it will be producing messages with the filter of 'contentquery' and 'headerquery'.
    1. We are assuming the "query" on hub is applied by subscriber? Also is this "query" applied over and above the "contentquery"&& "headerquery" on the messages?

    Kartikeya Mishra
    ServiceNow, Inc.