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  • 1.  Fibre Broadband Activation

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 27, 2022 22:42

    I have some question on how the API should be categorize on the activation and configuration
    For fibre broadband activation, the underlying GPON OLT must be configure before the broadband can be activated.
    But for the broadband server to be activated, beside GPON, there are still some other OSS system required to be provision (e.g account) before the service can be use.

    So eventually there will 2 API call that required for that service to be "activated".

    For the API perspective, 1 service order will be send to TMF641 which will decompose to 2 API call to TMF640 activate GPON and Broadband(account).

    So technically, the service can be only activated if both GPON and Broadband (account) is done.

    So it is still correct if both API still consider as Service Activation (TMF640) API?

    Chio Chuan Ooi
    SingTel Optus

  • 2.  RE: Fibre Broadband Activation

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 28, 2022 04:18
    Edited by DAve Milham Sep 28, 2022 04:55
    Worth looking at the work on Network as a Service (NaaS)in

    IG1224 NaaS Service Management v8.0.0

    and the version under development in the team
    IG1224 NaaS Service Management v9.0.0 DRAFT - End to end ODA - TM Forum Confluence

    This introduces the notion of e2e Service management to address the point you made about needing to sequence activation
    There are also some related sequence charts on access order provisioning flows for fibre  (in IG1228) at:
    Use Case UC004: Order Delivery – Fiber contract v6 (Draft) - End to end ODA - TM Forum Confluence
    (Note to access these you need to be registered on the End to end ODA project of a core project  at TM Forum - Site Content - Page - Collaboration projects)

    The DTW Catalyst last week Converged access for ODA - TM Forum won the Catalyst award under autonomous operation Catalyst Award Winners | TM Forum and a related Excellence Award (title was Composite Orchestration (Ordering and Orchestration Management) of hybrid services in a NaaS Architecture). This is led by @Johanne Mayer  and my understanding is that Telstra plan to contribute specific access service definitions for Access into the NaaS team that meets on Tuesday's at 13:00 BST 12:00 GMT .  See end to end ODA calendar for details (End to end ODA calendar - End to end ODA - TM Forum Confluence)

    I would strongly suggest you reach out to Johanne as quite a lot is happening in this fast moving area.

    Dave Milham

    Dave Milham
    TM Forum, Chief Architect