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  • 1.  Guidelines for B2B2C Customer Model

    Posted Dec 14, 2023 04:01

    Hello Community members,

    I am trying to establish guidelines or set of design principles that can be used for modelling a B2B2C customer model and need your inputs.

    1. Typically I will have an Organization on the top that will represent the second B in B2.
    2. Then there will be an Agreement ( - RelatedParty ->>) Organization
    3. Underneath this Organization I can have one more Customers.
    4. And these customers will have one or more subscriptions.
    5. Let's say that this Organization buys 100 mobile subscriptions for it's employees
    6. How do we model or capture the Employee which will be the user of these mobile subscriptions ?
      1. Should we create an Individual and related it to the subscription with some role (RelatedParty ?)
    7. Depending on the Agreement the price of the subscription will get calculated
    8. This Organization will also have some roles like Admin, Finance who could perform certain operations
      1. how to model these ?
      2. Do we need to create them as Individuals cand then relate them to Organization entity ?
    9. And I assume that in large B2B models there can be hierarchy of Organizations and an Individual might have a specific role in context of one Organization and a different role in context of another Organization
    10. Also, when it comes to different roles in context of Organization or in context of a subscription, I assume channels (Online, Retail, Call Centre) will need to build logic to 
      1. allow or not allow specific action based on the role
      2. hide or show information based on the role


    Utsuk Prani

  • 2.  RE: Guidelines for B2B2C Customer Model

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 14, 2023 12:36

    Hello Utsuk,

    I would like to suggest considering TMF632 Party Management for the API you are seeking. It could prove to be a valuable resource for your needs.

    Hope this helps

    Ragavi Ramasamy
    Halleyx Inc.