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  • 1.  MSISDN resource

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 24, 2023 02:29


    In my country, customer chooses his/her msisdn. The customer chooses the msisdn from list of msisdn. According to tmforum, what can be sold to customer is just offer. So how can I describe msisdn representing offer? If customer chooses the offer that describes msisdn, he/she will see list of numbers. In offer design time, possible choices are designed. How can I organize not statis value choices like msisdn choice?

    Myagaa Nm

  • 2.  RE: MSISDN resource

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 26, 2023 07:53

    Hi Myagaa

    What you are selling (the offering, if you like) is the ability to choose an MSISDN. In principle, you could collect a higher price for so-called golden numbers (e.g. 052-7654321, 052-9999999), or for giving a family a set of contiguous MSISDN numbers.

    When your front-end (UI) communicates with the logical resource backend to get list of numbers, you would need to add a filter expressing what option the customer has chosen, depending on your business model. The backend would honor that by returning golden numbers, silver numbers, contiguous numbers, etc.

    Hope it helps.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: MSISDN resource

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 27, 2023 08:11

    The MSISDN itself need not be a Product Offering. It can be a Characteristic with values with an indication of the type of MSISDN(to determine the price) and be modelled against a PS which is attached to a PO or directly be a char against the PO. 

    Of course, you can also model it as a PO but that will blow up the model. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Sri-Jagadish (Jag) Baddukonda
    Bell Canada