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Necessary Queries to Configure the Underlying GPON OLT

  • 1.  Necessary Queries to Configure the Underlying GPON OLT

    Posted May 18, 2023 08:12
    Edited by Ilyas Premji May 22, 2023 05:25
    Regarding the classification of the API for activation and configuration, I have a few inquiries.
    It is necessary to configure the underlying GPON OLT before fiber broadband can be activated.
    However, before the service can be used, a few other OSS systems (such as accounts) must be provisioned before the broadband server can be activated.
    As a result, eventually two API calls will be necessary for that service to be "activated".
    To activate GPON and broadband (account), one service order will be sent to TMF641, which will then decompose into two API calls to TMF640.
    Technically speaking, GPON and broadband (account) completion are required for service activation.
    So, if both APIs are still regarded as Service Activation (TMF640) APIs, is that still true?
    A configuration feature to configure selection groups with idiom was also something we overlooked in the past. The feature should now be offered by the brand-new sub-resource BundledGroupProductOffering.
    However, the suggested design establishes a distinction between "grouped" and "usual" bundled product offerings. Both are merely bundled products at the product level. An additional choice for the bundle relationship is the group aspect. This is merely an additional bundling requirement.
    We added group information to the product offering and marked all bundled product offerings with a group name if they were a part of a selection group in order to extend the API version 4 in this way. For those who are simply looking for all the bundled relationships, this makes it easier.

    Lilly Rowling
    The Idioms