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ODA-C for Service/Resource Activation

  • 1.  ODA-C for Service/Resource Activation

    Posted Aug 09, 2023 23:40
    Edited by Dan d'Albuquerque Aug 22, 2023 23:27

    Hi folks

    A while back, there was a discussion on introducing an ODA component for Service Activation and also Resource Activation.  I just looked at the latest IG1242 ODA Component Inventory document and there is nothing planned for those specific components as of yet.

    Any idea whether these components are still in the pipeline, or have they been replaced by some other ODA-C producers of the TMF640/TMF702 OpenAPIs?

    Thanks All!

    Edited: I can see that TAC-280 for introducing these new components is In progress as of Nov/21. 

    Re-posted on the Open Digital Architecture community

    Dan d'Albuquerque