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ODA Security & Privacy Workshop: Zero trust and regulatory impacts

  • 1.  ODA Security & Privacy Workshop: Zero trust and regulatory impacts

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 21, 2022 16:13
    Business drivers for Zero Trust
    ODA project team participants  are seeing a renewed interest in Security and Privacy for ODA and ODA Components in particular arising from business drivers  including:
    • Government mandates in multiple territories requiring adoption of Zero Trust Principles  in Network and IT System implementations with a focus on CSP adoption.
    • Government actions on improving  supply chain security and integrity.
    • Adoption of Containerization technologies that are challenging  traditional security approaches.
    Workshop 2nd August
    We have scheduled a TM  Forum Member Workshop on Tuesday 2nd August at 12:30-13:30 UK BST 13:30-14:30 CET


    The workshop objectives are to capture the requirements, principles  and standards
    that need to be incorporated and referenced in future ODA specifications covering:
    • How ODA supports Zero trust principles , and supply chain security 
    • Enhancements to ODA Component specifications
    Request for Feedback
    To solicit the widest possible Feedback at this workshop and to better plans deliverables in Q4 2022,
    we welcome feedback via:
    • This discussion thread ( form members asn non-member for review in the workshop
    • Member Participation in the Workshop
    • For members unable to attend by adding contributions to the Requirement working document (link below) 

    Member Participation  Logistics
    The workshop invite is available  on the End to End ODA project calendar at:
               End to end ODA calendar - End to end ODA - TM Forum Confluence  
                Follow instructions on this page  and use calendar entry 2nd August 
    The Requirements working document is at:
                20220802 Security and Privacy Workshop discussion points - End to end ODA - TM Forum Confluence 

    After the Workshop
    Based on the results of the workshop review we will:
    • Propose ODA work items in Q4 2022
    • Set up ODA Security team meetings to suite interested contributing participants
    • Provide feedback on this discussion thread 


    Dave Milham
    TM Forum, Chief Architect