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Proposed extensions to Milestone objects in new APIs

  • 1.  Proposed extensions to Milestone objects in new APIs

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 05, 2023 11:32


    We are looking to make use of the "Milestone" objects in the new APIs in order to present a view of the fulfilment journey of the order, so it can be shared with customers and give a history of the steps already taken and potentially those still to complete before activation. For example, our happy path order journey is order accepted->order acknowledged->order complete->billing but there may be many other steps and sub steps within that such as appointing, engineering work required, delays etc which we want to share the history and status of.

    The milestone allows you to show an event but not easily where it occurred in a hierarchy of related events, so we are planning to add a "ProductMilestoneRelationship" object that allows it to show next and previous events and parent/child relationships to model the journey. Additionally, these events may represent a very broad range of activities and we are also adding a characteristics object to the milestone to allow them to be more flexibly modelled in the payload.

    If possible I'd like to suggest that these could be considered for adding into the APIs.

    Steve Ranford-Bragg
    BT Group plc