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  • 1.  Questions on TMF645

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 03, 2023 03:04

    We're having internal debates about TMF645 "Check Service", for which i would appreciate the feedback of the community ;-)

    1) When Services are evaluated, should these Services be (pre-) instantiated ? To be more concrete, should the Services be created in State "feasibilityChecked", "Designed" or potentially "Reserved" ?
    2) If the Services are not instantiated, how can the Service Order (normally following the Feasibility Check) make reference to a previous Feasibility Check$
    3) if the Services are (pre-) instantiated:
    - How does the community sees multiple iterations of the Feasibility Check ? Typically in a cycle where a customer asks for a 1st evaluation of a set of Services, and then asks for an another evaluation of another set of Services (e.g. because the price to pay for the first set of Services is too high)
    - Should the different rounds of Feasibility Check be executed based on "deltas" (a subsequent feasibility check is a delta compared to a previous one) or "from scratch" (ignore the previous feasibility checks)
    - How can the "state" be cleaned up between the different rounds
    - How can the state be cleaned up if a Service Order never comes ? I would in particular assume the result of a certain Feasibility Check to be valid for a limited period of time, especially if Resources are identified and reserved ?
    - Should a Feasibility Check actually reserve/block resources ? 

    Thanks !

    Geoffrey Cristallo
    Proximus SA