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    Posted Oct 04, 2022 08:14
    Hi all,

    I am currently implementing the Request to Answer process, following the suggestions given by eTOM on GB921E and other guidelines. When identifying the GAPS, and Pain points I realize that it is necessary to take some suggestions from TAM, since some gaps are applications that we don't have for example the prospect and lead management.

    This makes me to wonder 2 questions:
    1. Is it necessary to implement eTOM, TAM and SID to efficiently manage the processes?
    2. Is it possible to just take eTOM and consider that I am improving processes?

    Thank you for your kindly help :)

    Anyaipoma Adriana


    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 02, 2022 05:15
    Let me try to answer your questions.
    1. If we are talking about processes, its not fulfilling anything E2E, you can use eTOM to define, combine and improve processes.
    2. If we are talking about E2E, than processes needs to be supplemented with data models, integrations between different processes for those we can use SID framework or eTOM open APIs along with SID.

    Just to be sure when we streamline the processes to remove any bottlenecks or problematic processes, its easier to follow eTOM but equally important is to understand customer's layout on which you need to work, some existing processes might needs to be broken into small processes and some small existing processes might needs to be combined.

    So, its always in my opinion a balance between requirement and standards that needs to be adapted.

    Ankit Singhal