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Reverse lookup on customer profile

  • 1.  Reverse lookup on customer profile

    Posted Aug 03, 2022 09:56
    Edited by Amer Radwan Aug 03, 2022 10:20

    I have a use case to expose MDN/mobile number lineage data for the last X months as an API to an agent-care system ( MDN is defined in our product inventory). The historical data will be operationalized via reverse ETL (moving the data from the source of truth, for example, EDW to a system of action).
    For example, 
    • Customer A has MDN 4444444444. This number was cancelled; after the recycled period, another customer (customer B) took over this number
      • The expected output: this API will expose both Customer A and Customer B profiles, and it should clearly state that MDN 4444444444 was cancelled under Customer A and it's already active under Customer B
    Which API should I use to get the above ask? 

    We already implemented TMF629 API to retrieve a specific customer profile and all associated sub-entities ( Agreements, products, contacts, linkage to the realized service and resources, etc. (in our data model, MDN Identifier has two functional placements at the subscription and resource level. our focus here is on the subscription level  (MDN as a subscription/ business identifier/customer-facing identifier). However, in the above use case, we are trying to return all customer profiles associated with a particular MDN (reverse lookup) within a specific timeline (for example the last 6 months).


    Amer Radwan
    Bell Canada