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Schema of 'headerQuery' and 'contentQuery' in TMF 688

  • 1.  Schema of 'headerQuery' and 'contentQuery' in TMF 688

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    Posted Sep 18, 2023 05:51
    Edited by Kartikeya Mishra Sep 18, 2023 05:52

    In the TMF 688 documentation, we can observe certain examples where 'headerQuery' and 'contentQuery' appears to be following the schema  = > varirable1.varible2.variable3 = value1&variable2=value2&variable3=value3…

    1. Does TMF 688 prescribe this schema or it is just given as example(Means TMF does NOT prescribe any schema)?
    2. If TMF prescribes the above schema , can we assume that schema is similar to what use globally for querty params in XMLHttpRequest?


    Kartikeya Mishra
    ServiceNow, Inc.