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Service Candidate Associations

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    Posted Sep 05, 2023 10:49
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    TM Forum description of ServiceCandidate SID BE is:

    "A ServiceCandidate is an entity that makes a ServiceSpecification available to a catalog"

    However, the SID model associations to ServiceCandidate imply that it:

    • MUST associate to a single CustomerFacingService; AND
    • MUST associate to a single ResourceFacingService; AND
    • MAY associate to a single Service Specification (i.e. not mandatory)

    For me, the issue is 2-fold:

    1. ServiceCandidate CANNOT always make a ServiceSpecification available to a catalog if it's associated to one isn't mandatory (i.e. [1..1]). Why is the association optional?
    2. Mandatory associate to both a CustomerFacingService AND a ResourceFacingService seems incorrect as they perform different functions (CFS represents a realization of a Product, while RFS defines the characteristics of a particular Service which support the network/infrastructure facing part of the service) and a single CFS may be related to multiple RFSs, and vice versa. What is the purpose of the associations to the CustomerFacingService and ResourceFacingService?

    Note1: The equivalent ProdCatProdOffer MUST associate to a single ProductOffering thus including it in a ProductCatalog.

    Note2: A ResourceCandidate also has a [0..1] association with its corresponding ResourceSpecification, and so Issue 1 also exists for the ResourceCandidate


    Gary Wilson