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Service request API Call Flow - Should we use TMF724 or TMF656?

  • 1.  Service request API Call Flow - Should we use TMF724 or TMF656?

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Feb 23, 2024 12:59

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question from our members in Chile. They're evaluating the adoption of TMF OpenAPIs in the context of the following process:

    Customer self-service channels can perform certain actions associated with their services (For example: Device reset or Wi-Fi password reset).

    For this, the Schaman provider offers the APIs described in the previous image. As a first activity, the list of available actions to be performed for a given service is obtained (Through two GET operations, first to obtain TroubleShoot id and the second to obtain the list of actions using the same id). As a second activity, the available actions are executed.

     We have two Proposed TMF OpenAPIs, which are:

    • TMF 724, Incident
    • TMF 656, Service Problem (We are currently targeting this option)

     Which one would you recommend us to use?

    Please refer to the following API Call flow for reference:

    Texts from the picture: 

    1. The channel sends the request (service ID, service type, channel and subchannel) and APIGEE is responsible for orchestrating the functional token and the "generate trb" with the token obtained. Apigee sends the ID obtained from the generate TRB to the channel.
    2. The channel will look for the response from the TRB with the ID provided by APIGEE after a certain time through the monitoring method. The get TRB result also brings the updated token.
    3. Action N must be previously configured in SCHAMAN and the execution is requested with the ID obtained from the TRB. Each action generates a new token, only the first action in the action tree must be triggered.

    Javier Ponce Betti
    TM Forum - Regional Manager