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  • 1.  State for CancelProductOrder in TMF 622

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 01, 2024 05:15

    Hi all,

    Regarding state for CancelProductOrder resource in TMF 622, we couldn't find the state "rejected" in the CancelProductOrder Lifecycle even though it is mentioned as a possible state in CancelProductOrder resource.

    Could anyone please help here?

    Varun Pandhi

  • 2.  RE: State for CancelProductOrder in TMF 622

    Posted Mar 04, 2024 02:12

    Hi Varun,

    The rejected state in my opinion is not needed. The POST /cancelProductOrder call triggers some basic validation and if such succeeds the task is created in acknowledge . In other case the caller is getting HTTP error. On the other hand it may happen that such validations will be not enough then the task is moved into inProgress and an order on which the task operates on into assesingCancellation. If  assessment indicates that cancellation is not possible order is going back to original state while the task to terminatedWithError. If all is good the task will finish with done state

    On the other hand you find rejected state as something what you need you can extend the standard providing your own cancelProductOrder object definition.

    Sebastian Wawrzyniak

  • 3.  RE: State for CancelProductOrder in TMF 622

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 04, 2024 10:58

    Thanks Sebastian for your answer. Having said that, if the standard currently does include Rejected as a state, we should expect to see it in the state transition diagram. I plan to open a JIRA to call this out.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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