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SupportingService in TMF638

  • 1.  SupportingService in TMF638

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 17, 2023 12:10

    Service in TMF638 contains
    - supportingService
     A list of service ref or values (ServiceRefOrValue [*]). A list of supporting services
    (SupportingService [*]). A collection of services that support this service (bundling,
    link CFS to RFS).
    - serviceRelationship.
    A list of service relationships (ServiceRelationship [*]). A list of service relationships
    (ServiceRelationship [*]). Describes links with other service(s) in the inventory

    ServiceSpecification in TMF633 contains 
    - serviceSpecRelationship
    A list of service spec relationships (ServiceSpecRelationship [*]). A list of service
    specifications related to this specification, e.g. migration, substitution, dependency or
    exclusivity relationship.
    In catalog driven point of view, can we assuming
    every serviceRelation in service instance should have corresponding serviceSpecRelation in service specification?

    If yes, then where is supportingService rule in service specification?

    If serviceSpecRelation can be used to define rules for both serviceRelation and supportingService, 
    should we have explicit attribute in serviceSpecRelation to distinguish supporting service definition vs general relationship definition?

    Thanks for your help or comment in advance.

    David Xie

    David Xie
    Hansen Technologies