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TMF 620 Product Catalogue ConstraintRef

  • 1.  TMF 620 Product Catalogue ConstraintRef

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 06, 2024 09:36

    In TMF 620 we have constraint defined at productOfferingPrice. As per my understanding it is a condition which make this price valid/deemed for productOrdering.

    We have a use-case where we need to define productOfferingPrice at zipcode level. In a developing country like India we have 19000 zipcodes.

    So we can define a constraint called name=PriceAvailabilityConstraint id=2503 . 

    Now question is there is no data model for Constraint defined yet. If we define our own entity can we create task resource over it,  example evaluate defined below



    "name": "zipcode",
    "description": "ZIPCODE where this price is available ",
    "valueType": "number",
    "constraintsCharacteristicValue": [
    "valueType": "number",
    "value": 121001
    Result of above task resource will give true or false, true means constraint evaluation is true false means provided zipcode not satisfying the constraints.
    Is this a valid pattern to use constraint, or there is best practice available for constraints.

    subhanshu shukla
    Bharti Airtel Ltd