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  • 1.  TMF 621 Troubleticket Management POST API

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 19, 2022 04:58
    Hi Team ,

    We are trying to implement the TMF 621 Trouble ticket Management POST API to create a case in Salesforce.
    When we look at the conformance document , it says that  "Valid For" should be sent back in the response
    Is this ValidFor related to the attachment resource ,i could see this field as optional in the request payload and is this fine if we can skip this value in the response since we don't have mapping field ?

    Appreciate if you can share your thoughts

     Reference Document :
    Trouble Ticket Conformance Profile
    TMF621B Release 19.0.0

    The BODY of the response from the server must include attribute "href" set to the
    same value as the one in the Location header.
    The server must include in the BODY of the response, even if they are not included in
    the request, the following attributes that are mandatory in the definition of a
    TroubleTicket as per the resource model defined
    • id
    • href
    • validFor

    Aravindkumar Velusamy

    Aravindkumar Velusamy

  • 2.  RE: TMF 621 Troubleticket Management POST API

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 20, 2022 01:32


    id and href are generated by the server. 

    ID is the unique number on your side that identifiy the ticket
    HREF is the uri that identify the resource if referenced.

    For example id=100009 and href= https://your.server/api/tmf621/100009
    validFor defines how long the resource exists on your system. For example if it is tax relevant it could be 10 years.

    With trouble ticket i would belive it is only for maximum of few months.

    Thomas Lußnig
    T-Systems International Services GmbH