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TMF 663 | Shopping cart API | configuring config.json

  • 1.  TMF 663 | Shopping cart API | configuring config.json

    TM Forum Member
    Posted May 05, 2023 02:06

    Hi Team,

    I have two questions regarding configuring the CTK for TMF663 shopping cart API which are listed below

    1) Currently we are following a naming convention which ends up having separate URLs for GET and POST methods. The CTK (config.json) currently allows for one URL to be configured to run all its testcases. Would it be possible to edit the CTK(config.json) to specify two URLs? and run the test cases for GET and POST separately on each of these URLs?

    2) Is there a guide which we can refer to setup the payload for the POST test cases? when i tried to add the payload for POST shoppingCart within the payload space provided in config.json, the test did not generate any results and was hung. Any working screenshot of the config.json would be very helpful


    Karthik Rao