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  • 1.  TMF Specification and difference

    Posted Jan 16, 2023 08:32
    Hi Team,

    Can someone let me know the difference between  TMF 638,TMF 639,TMF 640 and there use cases.

    and if there have any document of these TMF multiple use cases please provide.


    Shivam Chauhan

  • 2.  RE: TMF Specification and difference

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 16, 2023 08:47
    Hi Shivam

    TMF638 is a Service Inventory management API. You can imagine that there will be a database or some other form of persistence representing services that have been provisioned to customers. TMF638 exposes CRUD operations on this persistence.
    Compare and contrast with TMF640, which is a Service Activation API. This API's operations communicate directly with the network (for example via custom software adaptors), to effect changes in the network configuration.
    We can expect that as part of service order provisioning (TMF641), relevant operations will be invoked from TMF640 and then TMF638, to effect the network provisioning and then ensure that the inventory is up-to-date.

    TMF639 is an inventory of resources, which could be network elements, logical resources, customer-premise equipment, and more. 

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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