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TMF620 version 5 - serviceLevelAgreement (Service Level Agreement)

  • 1.  TMF620 version 5 - serviceLevelAgreement (Service Level Agreement)

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Feb 28, 2023 03:08


    I am looking at the Beta of TMF640 and for the Service Level Agreement (serviceLevelAgreement) there are some discrepencies in the YAML and documentation.

    What is being observed in the:

    1. YAML: Under productOffering [:4649], for serviceLevelAgreement [:4685], this points to the schema called SLARef [:7040], which consumes allOf the following:
        • Extensible (@type,@baseType & @schemaLocation)
        • EntityRef (href)
        • Entity [:3505] with:
          • Extensible (@type,@baseType & @schemaLocation)
          • Addressable (id & href)
        • as shown below:
    2. The Document shows for the serviceLevelAgreement that name and @refereredType should also be included. But this is not included as shown below
    3. Furthermore, the serviceLevelAgreement is shown as an object, but as a product offering, it can contain multiple optional service level agreements (e.g. default, Silver, Gold, etc.)

    Would it be possible to amend the the serviceLevelAgreement as follows:

    1. Remove the current relationships under allOf [:7048 to 7051].
    2. Add new relationship for allOf as follows : 
      • Extensible (@type,@baseType & @schemaLocation)
      • Reference (id, name & @referredType)
    3. Add new relationship for anyOf the following:
      • EntityRef (href)
      • Addressable (id & href)
    4. Change the serviceLevelAgreement from an object to an Array

    Pete Bains