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  • 1.  TMF635 for SLAs and Metrics

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 21, 2023 06:57
    Edited by Ilyas Premji Jul 21, 2023 08:24

    Hi Team,

    We would like to implement in our system a model of SLAs that allows us to store them together with the associated metrics. So that we can later implement a solution that allows us to expose these metrics.
    Is there a specification for this type of implementation in TMForum?
    We have found that TMF623 implements the management of SLAs, but not metrics.
    We have also seen that the 635 stores consumption data, I do not know if it would be possible to adapt it to the needs we have.

    Thanks in advance. Regards.


    Joel Otero
    Optare Solutions

  • 2.  RE: TMF635 for SLAs and Metrics

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 24, 2023 03:41

    Hi, Joel,

    I researched the same topic a while ago and was confused, that there is no way to expose measurements from service quality manager. I landed to a conclusion, that for measurements exposure we can consider to adopt TMF628, Performance management API. There is no explicit relation between the resource models, but I think we can map (TMF 657) ServiceLevelSpecParameter of type "KPI" to (TMF628) PerformanceIndicatorSpecification. 

    I may be wrong as ServiceLevelObjective refers to some aggregated performance indicators (KPI) defined by own formulas how to derive from atomic performance indicators. But still both are "performance indicators".

    Lauras Čeponis
    Telia Company