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TMF687 and TMF685 for product/resource stock management

  • 1.  TMF687 and TMF685 for product/resource stock management

    Posted Aug 12, 2022 08:39
    Hi everybody!
    We are starting to implement open apis for stock management during ordering and delivery process (check availability, reserve, use).
    I guess I´m pretty sure about the difference between TMF687 stock management (for commercial products) and TMF685 resource pool managment (for logical & physical resources)
    I guess  I'm quite sure that we have to implement both apis, because the product order from customer could have a combination of products and resources to deliver, examples:
    - A mobile device (product) with a new line number (resource)
    - A VoLTE service, with a simcard (resource) and a modem (resource)

    But I'm a bit confused about resource management, because I have read some threads about drastic changes on TMF685, but no news about it... So:
    Should I use TMF685 as is?
    Should I use TMF685 endpoints (/reservation, /resource pool) but build the contract based on the new objct "resourceCollection" (there is a thread about this...)?
    Should I use TMF687 as the basis of a new api similar to TMF685, but based on resource object (tmf639) instead of product object?
    Is there any news about tmf685 evolution?

    Thanks in advance,

    Eduardo Lo Presti
    Telecom Argentina, S.A.