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TMF687 - Query Product Stock

  • 1.  TMF687 - Query Product Stock

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 17, 2022 10:20
    Going by the specs , queryProductStock can be used to  : search product stock in defined search zone. The response can list of shops (within search zone) for this product.

    Will the queryProductStock able to cater following scenarios  :

    In a single request/response - list of products, stock level for a given search zone.

    e.g. A) Phone A , corresponding stock level, related shops  , B)  Phone B , corresponding stock level, related shops

    In a single request/response - list of product stock level for a list of characteristic having different values

    e.g.  A) Phone A,128 GB ,corresponding stock level, related shops B) Phone A, 256 GB ,corresponding stock level

    Ashish Doodhwala
    Ericsson Inc.