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@type and eventType in TMF688 Event Structure

  • 1.  @type and eventType in TMF688 Event Structure

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 31, 2024 05:29

    Hi All,

    I am trying to implement event based solution across various entities inside our architecture. Some of these entities supports TMF622 and some TMF641.

    When i look at event published via TMF622, i can see a field called @type and eventType. But in all examples of events within TMF622, the value is same in both the fields. One Example is below. As you can see both eventType and @type has value of ProductOrderErrorMessageEvent

    Content-Type: application/json
    "correlationId": "8a1d7f00-245b",
    "description": "ProductOrderErrorMessageEvent illustration",
    "domain": "Commercial",
    "eventId": "467c-937d-9afe827e85ee",
    "eventTime": "2022-09-14T12:14:28.774Z",
    "eventType": "ProductOrderErrorMessageEvent",
    "priority": "3",
    "timeOcurred": "2022-09-14T12:14:23.473Z",
    "title": "ProductOrderErrorMessageEvent",
    "event": {
    "productOrder": {
    "href": "http://servername/productOrder/30001",
    "id": "30001",
    "@type": "ProductOrder",
    "productOrderErrorMessage": [
    "code": "456-dd-df45",
    "reason": "missing product configuration attribute",
    "message": "product characteristic information are not consistent",
    "timestamp": "2022-09-14T12:14:23.473Z",
    "@type": "ErrorMessage"
    "reportingSystem": {
    "id": "533",
    "name": "APP-963",
    "@type": "ReportingResource",
    "@referredType": "LogicalResource"
    "source": {
    "id": "200",
    "name": "APP-893",
    "@type": "ReportingResource",
    "@referredType": "LogicalResource"
    "@baseType": "Event",
    "@type": "ProductOrderErrorMessageEvent"

    Siddharth Gupta
    Telstra Corporation