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Re-envisioning the CSP network - How adaptable, thinking networks pave the way for 5G 

Oct 31, 2018 04:03

Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing highly disruptive challenges. Expanding volumes of data and video, mobile workload volatility, a greater number of connections and demand for lower latency are driving CSPs to develop transformative strategies. To enable the 5G future, they are reinventing networks with cloud-based virtualized networking. Virtualization and cloudification allow for an unprecedented level of cognitive automation, enabling networks to conduct intelligent, agile, responsive network and service operations. Adopting a development and operations (DevOps) methodology facilitates an automated factory approach that extends across the entire lifecycle – far beyond deployment of services. This gives CSPs more bandwidth to rethink their businesses and to discover untapped potential and new directions for exploration.

In an effort to understand the industry’s progress in network virtualization, identify leaders, comprehend their vision and derive learnings to share with their peers, we conducted extensive research, including interviews with 200 CSP executives – of which 71 CxOs - across the globe.

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Nov 26, 2021 05:14

The past few years have seen major disruptions in telecommunications, and the pandemic has amplified the need for digital transformation for operators wanting to support low to no-contact lifestyles. Having worked with several telcos to address these new demands, we’ve identified that a zero-touch network strategy – taking all customer interactions for sales and support through a website or app – not only helps digitize CX, but also improves revenue.

As the zero-touch or all-digital network operates in the public cloud, which requires lower initial investment and is far more cost-effective to maintain. It also presents several upsell and cross-sell opportunities. CSPs can introduce fully monetizable high-value use cases, and leverage data analytics to build a more contextual business strategy.

Some documents we’ve compiled so far:

Solution brief and case study:

Blog post:

If building an all-digital brand is something you’re considering, I’d love to discuss ideas, needs, and inputs.

Prakash Parmar
Alepo Technologies Inc

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