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RE: Measuring customer experience 

Nov 05, 2018 01:46
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Feb 18, 2019 05:50

Hi Mr. Brunkard, 
I am looking at the GB 962, there is abbreviation  I can not find in glossary ; RMA, what is it stand for ? the word is "# of RMA replacement".​

Jan 30, 2019 11:23

Hello Mr. Brunkard,
Thank you already for this very elaborated document, which can make possible to understand, to identify and to be proactive on values creation  relative to the customers needs!
However, I would like to know if these 07 evaluation points, can be applied during the implementation of new digital innovative solutions in sectors with their old habits: for example Insurance Doman case, where customers attractiveness continue to be done on paper (flyers), specially in Africa ?!
Thank you in advance for your return...

Nov 06, 2018 04:01

Hi John,
Sorry for being so blunt, but;
Implementing systems are tactical, while Customer Expereince should be Strategic.
This is evident in the guide you attached.
I would question the customer focus in step 1. It seems all internal to me.
I would stress that a deep understanding (not knowledge) of customers' jobs, tasks and activities are needed, followed by building hypothesis of their challenges and then test them with the customers' before defining business objective and goals.

I would also suggest to focus on defining and capture business capabilities needed and as a result the the impact on the business will follow.

Having step 1. the way it appears in the document, more often than not engineers customer problems.

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