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  • 1.  Interventions in ProductOfferingQualification

    Posted Apr 01, 2022 04:39

    I'm trying to use open API TMF679 for Availability and feasibility check of fiber connectivity products.
    But we have a requirement that although the product offering is feasible but need to return intervention details (i.e. additional complexities and info on work needed to be done by technician at the site) along with it in the response.
    Can you please guide what can be the best placeholder in the data model to return such details?
    I could only find - "Product Characteristics" or "EligibilityUnavailabilityReason" but don't look to be a right fit.


    Paras Agrawal

  • 2.  RE: Interventions in ProductOfferingQualification

    Posted Apr 01, 2022 08:27
    Hello Parag,

    The Product Model is not the right fit for that response data. OfCourse, technically, you can extend the PO and PS via additional attributes, capture that data, and have the CPQ (assuming the CPQ triggered the Feasibility check) trigger the Network Engineering tasks based on these attributes.
    But functionally, based on the params, CPQ should decide if a Network engineering task is required and should trigger a Network Order / Work Order with the Network Engineering team into a different application (It may be the WFM).
    That application will decide the tasks based on this response data that was passed by the CPQ as part of this request. 


    Jag Baddukonda

  • 3.  RE: Interventions in ProductOfferingQualification

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 04, 2022 11:13
    You should use TMF645 for this (and possibly TMF674, depending on your service qualification process), TMF679 is for something else.

    Matthieu Hattab
    Altibox AS