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  • 1.  Agreement vs agreementspec in product catalog

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 04, 2023 01:11


    In product catalog,  there is array of AgreementRef. If CSP sells product offers that are supplied from any supplier, the AgreementRef's array is ok. It can express any agreement between the CSP and the supplier. If the CSP wants to sell the product offer to end user, the offer should have AgreementSpec ref. If the offer requires agreement/contract to be sold, the AgreementSpec ref can be used in front end. How the Agreement spec can be referenced to be used in front end/channel app? Or any alternative solutions?

    Myagaa Nm

  • 2.  RE: Agreement vs agreementspec in product catalog

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 04, 2023 05:30

    Hi Myagaa
    This is a very good question. I think it depends on the point-of-view. Does sale of a given product offering imply that an agreement must be signed, or are there other business rules at work here. And maybe the agreement will cover multiple offerings.

    If your business is clear, go ahead and extend the native TMF620 model with a reference from PO to AgreementSpec. But as the owner of the API in TMF, I would hesitate to add it to the standard.

    Hope it helps.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: Agreement vs agreementspec in product catalog

    Posted Dec 05, 2023 08:42

    Hi Myagaa,

    As explained by Jonathan, this should not be mandatory.  One of the two reasons for this Agreement spec for Product offers supplied from partners was to establish a relationship between the Wholesale agreement and the Product Offering. This field does not in any way impact the selling process. This is Design time data to establish certain relationships that are useful during the settlement process.  



    Sri-Jagadish (Jag) Baddukonda
    Bell Canada