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  • 1.  GraphQL TMF Open API Support

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 05, 2024 02:40

    Hello All,

    Seeking assistance from anyone experienced with GraphQL for Resource Inventory, Location, etc., which aligns more closely with TMF Open API.

    I see something define in  TMF 630 but not concrete information similar to TMF 639


    Sanjay Vyas



  • 2.  RE: GraphQL TMF Open API Support

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 05, 2024 03:47

    Hi Sanjay

    We haven't really addressed using GraphQL with or alongside Open APIs.

    Perhaps @Florin Tene has some insights, as the lead for the design guidelines?

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: GraphQL TMF Open API Support

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 08, 2024 03:44
    There was a project at TMF to create a customer profile API using GraphQL, but it was abandoned.
    GraphQL excels with large, complex, and interrelated data sources and operates through a single URL endpoint. In contrast, REST utilizes multiple endpoints in the form of URLs to define resources.
    I see no compelling reason for TMF to develop GraphQL APIs. They should focus on providing dedicated REST APIs for various domains (Order, Party, Resource, etc.).
    You're better off handling it yourself. That's what we do with Apollo (Open Source).

    Kind regards,

    Matthieu Hattab
    Lyse Platform

  • 4.  RE: GraphQL TMF Open API Support

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 08, 2024 04:21

    We did do some work on Topology Discovery across multiple inventories  and considered using Graph QL on REST APIs but found it did not have the fully expressiveness we needed for our use cases. 

    TR283 Business Requirements for a Multi-layer Topology Discovery Service v1.0.0

    which stiches together topology graph views across multiple databases ( Use cases include impact analysis of floods affecting line plant in specific locations on services and customers, and can be used of linking technology domain inventories e.g. physical and logical inventories. I

    We developed a Component Suite Profile including  TMF 686 Topology Discovery API which is close to completion awaiting approval of the  Conformance Profile  profile.  

    TMF920A Topology Discovery Service Management API Component Suite Profile v2.0.0

    We have several agreed improvement to TMF 686 in the back log which are awaiting beta version publication . These include using some recent  IETF extensions to  JSON Path that allow for finer grain directives and queries.
    Work is being carried out in the ODA Production and modelling team within  ODA Components and Canvas team

    TMF686 API allows one to represent a graph in a REST Resource collection i.e. a sort of Digital Twin, but note that we simplified the graph model proposed in TMF920A in the published API  . We will correct (simplify)TMF920A when we update it for the next version of the TMF686 API to include the backlog items (mostly directive and query enhancements).

    Dave Milham
    TM Forum, Chief Architect