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I like to write and practice when I have time, but I often cant express it well. How can I exercise my writing and expression skills?

There is no knack for writing, only two words, write more.


At the beginning of writing, its affirmative that you cant write well. Just like other skills, you need constant practice to be effective. Writing is relatively low. As long as you can write and read, you can do it. How much professional knowledge accumulation and superb IQ are needed, the only condition for writing is to write more , other than that can be ignored.

Understudies likewise figure out how to is academized legit to investigate those highlights, qualities, and parts that are not obvious with an unaided eye.

Maybe I will encounter a lot of confusion at the beginning, such as whether the things I write are valuable, how to position my writing direction, whether I can
t write if I dont think enough, etc. I think everyone will encounter these problems at the beginning of writing.


For this point I just want to say that the only way to overcome these fears is to write more, keep writing, and have the courage to admit that you write "bad articles". Rather than let these questions hinder us, it is better to answer them in action.


In my opinion, questions are all excuses. If you have an excuse, you will be lucky. I thought: Its not that you dont write, but you have to think about the problem before you act, so that I will write well, but if you hesitate too much, the result is late. Reluctant to write, wasting time in worries.


For most people, writing is also breaking through the comfort zone. If you want to keep writing down, you need to reflect on the present. Inwardly, you can make yourself more peaceful, wiser, and have the ability to discover and feel the beautiful meaning of life. . To the outside, you can get better communication skills, learning skills, thinking skills, etc., so that you can grow.


The famous novelist Haruki Murakami started writing novels when he was 29 years old. After getting up every day, he turned on the computer to write. The daily requirement was ten pages of manuscript paper, 400 words per page.


Even if he wanted to continue writing ten pages of manuscript paper, he had to stop, even if he felt Today, I cant get the energy up, and I have to work hard to write ten pages. In his opinion , regularity is of great significance when doing a long-term job, and these persistence have contributed to his achievements today.


My goal is not to become a writer and novelist, how to write a good article, select the record is more contemporary life and work of ups and downs, I continued to explore writing as a work of heart, for Huige said can Whether to become a lifelong career still requires the test of time and constant practice.


British writer Neil Gaiman said: When you write, the first 300,000 words may be rubbish. You must finish writing the 300,000 words of garbage before you can write what you want to write.


It seems that if you want to break through what Neal said, you have to write enough every day. The more you write, the sooner you will reach it. When you are full of doubts about writing, you only need to know one thing, that is, the more you write, the faster you progress.


Because any skill is inseparable from the objective law of practice makes perfect.


Then if you think about it the other way round, the question of whether you can't write something seems to have some answers.


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