Daniel Soeiro

Fibrasil infraestrutura e fibra otica S.A.

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Fibrasil infraestrutura e fibra otica S.A.


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change"

- Dynamic person and easy relationship
- Communicative, always willing to help
- Innovative spirit, curiosity
- Experience in Agile / Cascade Methodology
- Solid career professional within Telefonica

- I am currently responsible for designing BSS (Business Support System) and OSS (Operations Support System) solutions , specifically for Fibrasil company, which will be responsible for developing and maintaining a neutral network and expanding FTTH coverage to cities in Brazil, while the “Tenants (Operators)” will be responsible for capture the customers and keep the customer service. Furthermore, we will develop and maintain our own system layer (fullstack) that will allow the connection with multiple operators using the most innovative Cloud solutions and aligned with the best practices, the standardization of TMFORUM.

- I have more than 17 years of experience in IT (Project Management and Systems Development) working more heavily with OSS engineering systems (internal / external network inventory, provisioning, activation, repair) - until 2017 B2C and B2B segments - and more recently - 2018 ~ 2021 - in BSS layer systems (Catalog, CPQ, Ordering) for the B2B segment.
- Certified by the TM Forum: Business Development Manager and Frameworx Transformation Manager of the eTOM Framework.


Genesis Project - Sophia (Vivo x GVT)


- Definition of solution for GVT BSS layer integration with Vivo OSS layer
- Schedule Management and Control, negotiation with suppliers
- Testing support, mass data generation
- Frequent trips to GVT headquarters, Curitiba for solution definition and post production support.

Beatrix Project (Vivo x Amdocs)

- OSS focal point for the B2C segment converged stack transformation project defining solutions and attending workshops of solution provider partner, Amdocs.
- Participated in network systems management and systems engineering of both fixed and mobile telephony.

Other projects that had my participation: Unified Communication, SIP Trunking, Catarina, Portability Project, FWT, DATAVOX, 9th digit, MSAN, all OSS projects.