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I am a business, professional and personal lifestyle leadership coach with cash flow expertise. . My passion is people; building relationships and personal development.

In 2015, I created 360 Degrees of Success to provide individuals and groups with practical tools to maintain a high energy level...merge their passion, talents, skills, education and in the present...and, most importantly, live a balanced, joyful, and successful life linking the 4 essential ingredients money-relationships-energy-time. This course is also available as an APP on

For over 26 years I have helped engineer massive revenue growth at various organizations and empowered executives and staff to find their passion and create happiness and success. I took one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in just five years, while creating 83 new full-time jobs.

Since 2005 I have published 17 nonfiction books on personal improvement, covering personal happiness, time management, healthy eating, business/personal success, parenting and money relationships, as well as a novel and a poetry collection. The Money Flow, published in 2013 is an Amazon #1 bestseller.

As a freelance journalist I have published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, USA Weekly, and TV Guide, (to name a few).

I love sharing life experiences and helping people to learn from my path through speaking engagements and seminars. Some of my upcoming speaking presentations include The Palace, San Francisco, Udemy Instructor Event Featuring: 360 Degrees of Success; Canyon Ranch, Arizona; Universal Music, London.


Money Management
Relationship Management
Time Management
Energy Management
Leadership Development


Hospitality Industry-food industry
Automotive Apparel Service

Ana Weber, Ph.D, MBA, CPC
Lifestyle Leadership Coach