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  • 1.  TMF 701 Process and Taskflow are mandatory for implementation?

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 8 days ago

    Dear Team,

    Need your quick guidance/inputs. We are planning to implement TMF 701 as part of our customer enterprise customer order journey where for one of internet product we will be creating task for engineer to create subnet, registry etc. and once its completed  NaaS can go ahead for further provisioning.

    So, at NaaS i.e SOM layer we will get 641 request and against that order orchestration OM system will understand there is task to be created using TMF 701 for network engineer in one of our workforce management tool (WFMT) to perform certain activity within SLA and assigned to queue. Once task is completed order will move ahead for further provisioning.

    My query is that as per TMF701 we have processFlowSpecfication-->TaskFlowSpecification-->ProcessFlow-->TaskFlow so Do we need to get all complete model to implemented exposed from WFMT to NaaS SOM layer for execution of tasks?

    OR can we just implement taskFlow by specifying/defining required taskFlowSpecification parameters and against that taskFlow can be executed as its internal to NaaS layer. There is no need of full processflow Implementation as its not COM layer to execute BPMN wiorkflow for many processess or tasks.

    Kindly guide in this regard

    Mahesh Choudhari
    BT Group plc

  • 2.  RE: TMF 701 Process and Taskflow are mandatory for implementation?

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 7 days ago

    Hi Mahesh

    Without going into details of your specific situation, I suggest you consider what "mandatory" means. It's not as if TM Forum is holding a (metaphorical) gun to your head and saying that you must implement endpoints x/y/z. Mandatory at this level means - what is the minimum scope of the API in order to pass the conformance test. So if you don't need process flow and process, why would you bother trying to implement the other entity endpoints?

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: TMF 701 Process and Taskflow are mandatory for implementation?

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 6 days ago

    Hi @Mahesh Choudhari

    you're right, my understanding is that it's not possible to use this API only with taskFlow, you must define ProcessFlow, it's mandated with the endpoint structure

    By the way, it's also possible to replace your existing TMF 641 Service Order API on top of SOM by a TMF701 Process Flow exposing a process that permits to trigger the Service Ordering process. Today the POST /serviceOrder can be implemented to trigger the ordering process, but I don't think it's scalable. The POST /serviceOrder in my view should be only to create the entity serviceOrder in the service order database within SOM. Or we can imagine to propose Tasks like POST /submitServiceOrder, /amendServiceOrder, /cancelServiceOrder to trigger the service order process and be more explicit than an open Process Flow that don't standardize the processFlowSpecification.

    olivier arnaud